Basic & Industrial Chemicals

Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. has been established as part of a world - wide network of chemical traders. Whether it is bases, acids, solvents or solids: Our portfolio of industrial chemicals is so versatile and of such high quality that our customers are able to profit an extremely steady flow of goods at any time. We use our connections to well - known producers in order to be able almost everyu imaginable request in the segment of industrial chemicals.

Thanks to our vast product range our team can deliver continuously, but also within very short time frames. Our customers can count on a mixture of experience, competence and quality that makes Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. a valueab;e partner and service provider.

Main commitment and compass of the activities of the Group is the full coverage of the needs of its customes, as they are shaped by market demand and the development of long term business relationship of mutual benefit and trust.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Business is the core and biggest division of Lubrico - A.Tsakalis. From the establishment of the company in 1991 since today , we have developed tilor made products for our customer needs, based on latest technologies serving many industrial and municipal plants. We provide expertise, application know how and chemicals that improve our customer's water condition, energy and raw material efficiency. Our product range you can find it below :

Paper Chemicals

Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. is one of the major leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals for the pulp and paper industry. Our extensive experience in pulp processing and papermaking gives us a result oriented approach to pulp and paper chemicals and their use.

Furthermore, Lubrico - A.Tsakalis has long experience and compentence in the supply and operation of plants and equipment for the processing and preparation of pulp and paper chemicals. Our innovative solutions help papermakers deliver top quality and increase productivity while reducing total cost of operation. We have unique expertise in applying chemicals to create value in the pulp and papermaking.

Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd product portfolio includes :

Textile Chemicals

During the process of manufacturing, textile has to go through a long process of chemical and non chemical treatment. The textile finishing procedure includes preparation and pretreatment, dyeing, printing and refinement of fabrics.

Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. is leading the change and helping to pioneer a sustainable textile industry through our cutting - edge innovation and by collaborating with stakeholders across the entire value chain.

From pretreatment of textile to its finishing, there are various categories and subcategories of textile chemicals. Our product range includes :

Activated Carbon

Since the early days of 1920 large - scale activated carbon production has steadily increased in importance to industry. Continual improvement and optimisation of production processes and new raw materials have led to the advanced level of adsorption technology in use today.

Of particular interest in the field of the environmental protection is the rwactivation and subsequent reuse of spent activated carbon and he recycling of activated carbon that is no loger amendable to regeneration or reactivation.

"Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. is a potential supplier of a wide range of activated carbon products for multiple applications. Our experienced engineers and our special laboratory for adsorption technology are available to provide further information and consultation on specific technical problems."

The selection of the most suitable type of activated carbon for a specific application depends on the physical and chemical properties of the substances to be absorbed. Aside from the material data, other process related factors also play a significant role in the adsorption process.
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