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Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. is a chemical manufacturing and trading company which was established in Greece in 1991. The initial target was the establishment of production for textile chemicals, which afterwards expanded to the production of water treatment and paper chemicals. The Headquarter of the company is located in Athens, Greece a strategic point between three continents for the supply of EU Origin Products. Since 2011, Lubrico - A. Tsakalis became a member of INCOPA Group (
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Currently, the company produces and trades more than 60.000 MT of chemicals, consistuted by an excellent organised team of specialised scientists such as chemical engineers, chemists and mechanical engineers that collaborate together to comprehend the need and expectations of each customer.From production to delivery and from design to operation of WWTP , our personnel will be able to:
  • Understand and suggest possible solutions for your needs
  • Offer an up to date series of technologies for plant protection and process efficiency
  • Offer products for industrial manufacturing process making their appropriate selection and directing their enforcement
The transports are carried out with private vehicles and ISO Tanks of Lubrico - A.Tsakalis. Liquid products can be delivered in packs of 5 to 200 liters and in tanks of 1,000 to 25,000 liters. All vehicles and packaging are homologated according to the most current laws and have suitable and approved equipment for unloading. The powder products are delivered in packs of 25/50 kg. Big-Bag-Autosilos.

Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. is exporting to more than 20 countries representing almost 40% of total sales. We have exceeded the figure of 500 clients, our target is to commercialize exclusive technologies and we continue generating new products that guarantee the future of our company.

Research and Developement

R&D and innovation are key policy components of Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. Innovative products and services not only contribute to the strategy’s smart growth goal but also to its inclusiveness and sustainability objectives. Introducing new ideas to the market promotes industrial competitiveness, job creation, labour productivity and the efficient use of resources.

The research carried out by Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. is not limited to the company itself, but is open to other innovation centers as a result of collaboration with the clients themselves or with joint developments with other associations. The main factors for the success of the research work are the collaboration and the permanent exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Current R&D Center operations are organized under the divisions of Product Development, Process Development and Chemistry Research. In line with this goal, Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. plans to develop new products for current industries, reduce costs and increase productivity by improving current processes, and offer integrated solutions to its customers.


Lubrico- A.Tsakalis Ltd., through its interest in respecting the environment as regards the industrial activity performed at the production centre and the possible repercussions of the products and waste generated, incorporates Social responsibility into its work methodology in a combination of legal, ethical and environmental aspects. These efforts will make Lubrico - A.Tsakalis a more succesfull business partner that adds value to the customers.

Our policy:
  • To train our employees through seminars from external authorities, on potential safety and pollution risks that may arise during production and transportation
  • To comply with Environmental Related Regulations (ISO 14001: 2015)
  • To minimize generation of undesirable wastes by using new technologies and processes.
  • To develop techniques that use raw materials and energy sources in the most efficient way and to pay attention to using clean energy that does not pollute the environment.
  • To establish cooperation with related associations and local authorities to take proactive actions for preventing potential occupational accidents and fires.
  • To inform consumers on product usage and safely recycling or disposal of packages.

Social Responsibility

Lubrico - A.Tsakalis cooperates with universities, organizations and institutions with the target of promoting career development in the chemical industry. This approach is implemented by visits to our factory and focus on the tecnical experience, trouble shooting in the industry, production planning and delivery to the clients.

Further to this, Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. invests every year to scholarships for students with talent an opportunity at higher education. With scholarships, students grow academically, advance in careers, and impact their communities as thoughtful leaders.
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