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Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. is a chemical manufacturing and trading company which was established in Greece in 1991

The initial target was the establishment of production for textile chemicals, which afterwards expanded to the production of water treatment and paper chemicals.It is exporting to more than 20 countries representing almost 40% of total sales
Our Products

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Business is the core and biggest division of Lubrico - A.Tsakalis. From the establishment of the company in 1991 since today,we have developed tilor made products for our customer needs,based on latest technologies serving many industrial and municipal plants
Lubrico Quality

Lubrico Quality

Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. is investing every year on annual budgets for the training of employees in the chemical industry. From production to delivery of the chemical products, we use all the required equipment for conducting measurements of harmful agents at biomechanical areas
  • Inspect loading / unloading procedures
  • Select suitable vehicles based on the risk and classification of dangerous goods
  • Placement of required marking of vehicles and containers
  • Compilation of Accident Reports

Design & Construction

Within the hydraulic infrastructure business area, Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. provides engineering, construction, conservation, operation and maintenance services, as well as other highly qualified work resulting from its extensive knowledge of these systems
  • O & M
  • DAF Units
  • Chlorine Dioxide Units
  • Polymer Units
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