Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. is investing every year on annual budgets for the training of employees in the chemical industry. From production to delivery of the chemical products, we use all the required equipment for conducting measurements of harmful agents at biomechanical areas and the significant experience in conducting assessment studies of occupational hazards. The extraction of results are being used to eliminate all the risks of a disaster. A part of our activities includes:

- Written information to our employees for the plant design, process specification, standard operating procedures and a formal emergency plan.

- A written report that defines roles, for both emergency and normal operations.

- To comply with ADR regulation (ADR 2017) and according to EU regulation ( 96 / 35 / EC), Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. has an extensive cooperation with ADR advisors that collaborate together to:
* Inspect loading / unloading procedures
* Select suitable vehicles based on the risk and classification of dangerous goods
* Placement of required marking on vehicles and containers
* Monitoring the provision of training and advise to any stuff involved in the transport of dangerous goods
* Compilation of Accident Reports


REACH regulation has been introduced in 2007 in Europe with the aim to ensure protection for environment and human health from the risks that can be posed from the chemical distribution and production. Compliance with REACH requires a regulatory evaluation, registration or authorisation for chemical substances which are manufactured in or imported to the European Union.

Lubrico - A.Tsakalis Ltd. is fully committed to fulfil its legal obligations and is in full compliance with REACH. Within this scope, we have already established communication with all its suppliers and clients in order to fulfill all the requirements throughout the supply chain. Further to this, Lubrico - A.Tsakalis is a member of INCOPA Group (http://incopa.org/index.php/about/members) since 2011, and assist small and medium size companies to meet their REACH obligations.


Lubrico - A.Tsakalis conforms to all the certification required for the production and trading of chemicals products, taking into considerations the quality and environmental protection:

- ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Assurance Certificate)
- ISO 14001:2015 (Environment Certificate)
- EN 878:2004 (Production of Aluminium Sulfate, type 1)
- EN 883:2004 (Production of PAC, type 1)
- EN 937:2011 (Distribution of liquid chlorine for Drinking water)
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